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My Real2 assignment's due date has been postponed to Friday. This makes me happy, as I now have three days to complete it and CS 365's assignment, rather than two.
I have midterms on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday next week (Real2, Groups and Models of Computation). This makes me less happy, especially since I'm kind of lost on the last two or three weeks of Real2. No relaxing this weekend.

Psych 101 midterm this morning. There were probably things I could have studied more for, but on the whole it didn't seem very difficult.

OS was handed in yesterday, apparently 4 minutes before the deadline. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if we missed it because of slip days, but I'd rather save those if possible. I also need to teach Matt and Kyle more about using LaTeX, since they seemed to have some difficulty with my documentation. (The assignment was due halfway though my Real2 lecture, so I had to leave.)

This afternoon I went to see a demonstration of Milnor's proof of the Hairy Ball Theorem. While there were a couple things that used theorems I didn't know, I managed to follow it for the most part.

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