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Snow day today, which mean that the university was closed. I didn't find the weather terribly treacherous, although it might have been different had I been driving. Although it was nice to have a day off of sorts, I wish I'd known before I got up for my 8:30 class. Also, I was looking forward to today's midterm, just so that I'd have it over with. I guess now I've got time to study, but I was satisfied last night with how much I'd studied and just wanted the exam out of the way.

So instead I spent most of the morning coding up something that looks like ed in Javascript. You know, ed, the standard text editor? It was actually fairly easy, once I figured out how ranges worked.

hkarau was around, having come down to write his CS 246 midterm. Now he'll have to stay another day, so he'll probably also stay the weekend. Today he also managed to fix tehladies.com which, in spite of its name, is quite safe for work. We also tried to grab the Cormack talk off of the digital video camera, but it seems that in order to do that, we're going to need Firewire.

infohigh showed up in the afternoon, and there was general discussion about using machine learning to improve how people deal with file systems. funos managed to get a job at RIM today (yes, we've heard all the jokes about getting RIM jobs...). Congratulations!


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