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Survived my midterms. The term is nearing its end; only a handful of assignments left in each class, and after Thursday, baring Act of Prof, nothing I do (or don't do) in Old English will affect my mark (unless I choose to take the optional test). As it is, I'm guaranteed a pass.

On the 4th I went to a Halloween party as Rorschach. Unfortunately, only two people recognized me, but I managed to have a nice conversation with one of them about comics.
The mask was a bit of a last-minute affair, and consisted of a very light blouse that I painted black (for the details) and white (for opacity). The paint wasn't thick enough to prevent me from seeing out of it, though. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I couldn't find a white scarf.

Last weekend I roasted a lamb and had some friends over to help me eat it. The potatoes should have been cut in half and microwaved a bit longer, but for the most part, it went quite well.

I've been playing a fair bit of DDR lately, and tonight I managed to pass my second 9 footer, although not nearly by the margin that I'd have liked. I should practice some more with the 8 footers.

Recently I've been playing around a bit with Django, a web framework written in Python. I'm still figuring out how to write good, maintainable, portable code in it, but it makes a lot of things really nice and easy, and comes with a lot of batteries included.

Today I bought a bunch of loose-leaf tea. I'm quite enjoying Rooibos.

Things I should be working on:
  • Studying for Old English test Thursday
  • Chaos & Fractals assignment due Friday
  • Concurrency assignment due next Monday (or Wednesday if I take a free late)
  • Algebraic Curves assignment due next Thursday or Friday
(The last two are a ways off, but tend to take a lot of time.)
Things I'd rather be working on:
  • 17th century Men In Black
  • Reading The Phoenix Guards (and wondering how, given the number of duels they fight and the associated mortality rate, how Dragaerans have managed to survive this long)
  • Coding something in/with Django
  • Playing more DDR
  • Sleep
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