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Still alive

My little calendar reminds me that I haven't posted anything since January 3rd. This is mostly because I've been fairly busy with schoolwork (two classes giving weekly assignments, plus other assignments, quizzes, etc.).

I'm enjoying three of my courses. The other two are pretty boring. I've also learned that I don't have all the requirements to graduate - a combination of not being able to count, and missing a requirement. So as a result, I'm short one 3rd or 4th year CS course, I'll have one more non-math elective than I need, and I'll be taking a course (most likely AI) in the summer while I'm working. Fortunately OpenText is just on the other side of campus from where I'll be living, and AI is an 8:30 class, so I'll just be a little late to work three days a week. I'm on flextime, so it won't be an issue, hopefully.

I'm looking forward to reading week for a nice break. For once, it's going to be a full reading week instead of just a reading two days, at the cost of time math & CS courses now ending at the same time as everything else at the end of the term. I think I'd rather have the extra time next week.

I've been fooling around a bit with Blender and Ogre3d. I'm slowly figure out how Blender works, and I've managed to get one of my models into Ogre3d, and have it spinning slowly. All quite simple, but it's a start.

This next week I have two midterms on Wednesday - a delightful way to spend Valentine's Day. At least I've only got one (short) assignment on top of that.

I finally managed to get my hands on a Wii last month. After not having time to play it at all the last week and a half or so, last Friday night I finally got around to beating Zelda: Twilight Princess. Most of the game was quite enjoyable, although there were a few items that didn't seem to fit in. They were obviously added to solve puzzles in one particular dungeon, and had limited applicability outside of it. The endgame wasn't quite as engrossing as Ocarina of Time. The final dungeon thingie was relatively sparse, and the final battle seemed anticlimactic. Perhaps it was my experience from the other Zelda games, but it was never a surprise when it turned out there was another part to the battle.

My Wii code is 6955 4532 5992 7086.


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Feb. 11th, 2007 10:47 pm (UTC)
Oooh, I played around with Blender in high school. The experience left me distinctly confused. Perhaps I should try this again sometime...
Feb. 11th, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
I understand that they've tidied up the interface a bit. I suspect that if I just took a walk though the user manual, it would clear things up for me a bit. As it is, though, I don't need to know how to make (good) models yet. I just wanted something that looked like something, that I could use as a place holder in Ogre3d.
Feb. 12th, 2007 11:33 pm (UTC)
Having watched Nintendo shoot themselves in the foot two consoles in a row now, I have to admit to being awfully skeptical about the Wii (it seemed very gimmicky). Having played a bit with Alfedenzo's Wii, though, I'm now convinced that Nintendo's got a winner on their hands - if they can find a killer app for the Wiimote. Wii Sports is a good start, but it's more proof of concept than a real game (one-armed Fisher-Price Wiibles != Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007). So far I'm not seeing that killer app in what's currently available for the Wii, but between the online features, the downloadable games from previous consoles, the widescreen progressive scan support and the GC backwards compatibility, I'll probably pick one up even if I never use the Wiimote for anything. $275 is about what I paid for my modded and upgraded Xbox, which does basically that. So the cool Wiimote is just gravy.

And some day - some day - BioWare will make the Jedi game we've all been waiting for since Nintendo announced the Wiimote.
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