Alfedenzo (alfedenzo) wrote,

Tonight I discovered (rediscovered?) that I have an 80 GB drive sitting in my computer, all nicely formatted, that I haven't been using. The extra space is nice, but since I wasn't really running out before, I have no idea what I'm going to use it for.

I submitted my proposal today for Machine Learning. It was a bit more buzz-word bingo than I'd like, but this wasn't deliberate. If it gets approved (I'll know next week), I'll have about 6 days to work on it between my last exam and its due date, assuming I don't have any time before then.

The weather today was absolutely beautiful - it went up to around 12 degrees and was nice and sunny. I wish I could have spent more time outside enjoying it, but I've got a quiz tomorrow that I need to study for. Unfortunately, it looks like Friday is going to be freezing and snowy again.

Mr Biggs's new Macbook arrived today. We had a bit of fun with the Macbook's Bluetooth by installing Wiisabre. Unfortunately we could only get it to recognize one of the remotes at a time, so the potential for duelling was reduced.
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