November 25th, 2007

World Domination

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Tonight was the Open Text Christmas party. After a slowish start, once people I knew started showing up, things started to improve. By the the time that dinner rolled around, a lot of people had gotten a few drinks in, and were starting to relax. I negotiated a trade for our table's bottle of red for a neighbouring table's bottle of white, and over the course of the evening, my boss bought our table three more bottles of wine. (The three employees at the table all worked for her.)

It was interesting meeting the SOs of some of my coworkers, and also just to meet them in a non-work setting. Overall, the evening was quite enjoyable.

My life has been otherwise ordinary. Last weekend I did a bit of bartending at hkarau's party. People seemed to enjoy my drinks, and I hope I introduced some people to things they'd never had before.

Last October, I graduated. I am now officially free from University, and don't feel like heading back to school for a while. math_foo and I also got a couch a few weeks ago. I should get around to converting random_dragon's old computer into a media station, so we can watch things on the TV.

Life has been otherwise quite uneventful. math_foo works on schoolwork, and I enjoy not having schoolwork any more.