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Happiness is learning that 10 pages is the upper bound of the length of the essay that you're writing, not the goal.

Now I can work on making it as long as it has to be, and no longer.
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For reasons beyond my ken, there is a half-eaten stick of butter sitting on my window sill. I didn't put it there. Caelyn has concluded that is an offering from the squirrels, demonstrating their acceptance of me as their god.
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Tonight I discovered (rediscovered?) that I have an 80 GB drive sitting in my computer, all nicely formatted, that I haven't been using. The extra space is nice, but since I wasn't really running out before, I have no idea what I'm going to use it for.

I submitted my proposal today for Machine Learning. It was a bit more buzz-word bingo than I'd like, but this wasn't deliberate. If it gets approved (I'll know next week), I'll have about 6 days to work on it between my last exam and its due date, assuming I don't have any time before then.

The weather today was absolutely beautiful - it went up to around 12 degrees and was nice and sunny. I wish I could have spent more time outside enjoying it, but I've got a quiz tomorrow that I need to study for. Unfortunately, it looks like Friday is going to be freezing and snowy again.

Mr Biggs's new Macbook arrived today. We had a bit of fun with the Macbook's Bluetooth by installing Wiisabre. Unfortunately we could only get it to recognize one of the remotes at a time, so the potential for duelling was reduced.
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Still alive

My little calendar reminds me that I haven't posted anything since January 3rd. This is mostly because I've been fairly busy with schoolwork (two classes giving weekly assignments, plus other assignments, quizzes, etc.).

I'm enjoying three of my courses. The other two are pretty boring. I've also learned that I don't have all the requirements to graduate - a combination of not being able to count, and missing a requirement. So as a result, I'm short one 3rd or 4th year CS course, I'll have one more non-math elective than I need, and I'll be taking a course (most likely AI) in the summer while I'm working. Fortunately OpenText is just on the other side of campus from where I'll be living, and AI is an 8:30 class, so I'll just be a little late to work three days a week. I'm on flextime, so it won't be an issue, hopefully.

I'm looking forward to reading week for a nice break. For once, it's going to be a full reading week instead of just a reading two days, at the cost of time math & CS courses now ending at the same time as everything else at the end of the term. I think I'd rather have the extra time next week.

I've been fooling around a bit with Blender and Ogre3d. I'm slowly figure out how Blender works, and I've managed to get one of my models into Ogre3d, and have it spinning slowly. All quite simple, but it's a start.

This next week I have two midterms on Wednesday - a delightful way to spend Valentine's Day. At least I've only got one (short) assignment on top of that.

I finally managed to get my hands on a Wii last month. After not having time to play it at all the last week and a half or so, last Friday night I finally got around to beating Zelda: Twilight Princess. Most of the game was quite enjoyable, although there were a few items that didn't seem to fit in. They were obviously added to solve puzzles in one particular dungeon, and had limited applicability outside of it. The endgame wasn't quite as engrossing as Ocarina of Time. The final dungeon thingie was relatively sparse, and the final battle seemed anticlimactic. Perhaps it was my experience from the other Zelda games, but it was never a surprise when it turned out there was another part to the battle.

My Wii code is 6955 4532 5992 7086.
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First day of classes today. I don't think I'm used to two terms of classes in a row. Before waking up, I had a dream where I was late to my first day of work.

My Christmas holidays were largely dominated by Final Fantasy XII. On one hand, the characters practically do everything for you if you have the right gambit setup. On the other hand, if your actions can be replaced by the simplistic programming provided by the game, it probably wasn't all that involving or challenging. That said, I really enjoy the lack of random encounters. Those things are just annoying.

Still waiting for my marks in Concurrency and Algebraic Curves.
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Sunday morning I woke up to find the Internet not working. It's continued to not function fairly consistantly since then, coming back only briefly a small handful of times since then. Bell's sending a technician tomorrow to check the lines.

This time next week, I'll be done lectures. Exams on the 9th, 18th and 22nd, with a take-home final from the 8th to the 15th. Right now I'm more concerned about the Chaos & Fractals project due Monday, and the Concurrency and Algebraic Curves assignments due Tuesday. I've gotten starts on them, but I think this is going to be a very busy weekend.
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Survived my midterms. The term is nearing its end; only a handful of assignments left in each class, and after Thursday, baring Act of Prof, nothing I do (or don't do) in Old English will affect my mark (unless I choose to take the optional test). As it is, I'm guaranteed a pass.

On the 4th I went to a Halloween party as Rorschach. Unfortunately, only two people recognized me, but I managed to have a nice conversation with one of them about comics.
The mask was a bit of a last-minute affair, and consisted of a very light blouse that I painted black (for the details) and white (for opacity). The paint wasn't thick enough to prevent me from seeing out of it, though. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I couldn't find a white scarf.

Last weekend I roasted a lamb and had some friends over to help me eat it. The potatoes should have been cut in half and microwaved a bit longer, but for the most part, it went quite well.

I've been playing a fair bit of DDR lately, and tonight I managed to pass my second 9 footer, although not nearly by the margin that I'd have liked. I should practice some more with the 8 footers.

Recently I've been playing around a bit with Django, a web framework written in Python. I'm still figuring out how to write good, maintainable, portable code in it, but it makes a lot of things really nice and easy, and comes with a lot of batteries included.

Today I bought a bunch of loose-leaf tea. I'm quite enjoying Rooibos.

Things I should be working on:
  • Studying for Old English test Thursday
  • Chaos & Fractals assignment due Friday
  • Concurrency assignment due next Monday (or Wednesday if I take a free late)
  • Algebraic Curves assignment due next Thursday or Friday
(The last two are a ways off, but tend to take a lot of time.)
Things I'd rather be working on:
  • 17th century Men In Black
  • Reading The Phoenix Guards (and wondering how, given the number of duels they fight and the associated mortality rate, how Dragaerans have managed to survive this long)
  • Coding something in/with Django
  • Playing more DDR
  • Sleep
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    Biggs and Alex playing DDR in the other room
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Thursday: Algebraic Curves assignment, Old English test
Friday: Chaos & Fractals midterm
Monday: FLAP assignment. Concurrency midterm.

At least the midterm means that Concurrency's assignments are no longer due the same Mondays as FLAP's.