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It seems that I haven't posted since the end of June. Rest assured that I am still alive and have no fallen of the face of the Internet.

Summer term is over, and with it the end of near-nightly cooking experiments. There's nothing really now stopping me, but lack of audience and time.

I'm now living in the same building as infohigh, who has moved down two floors to share an apartment with Kyle and I. m2arnold is now living in WCRI.

I've accepted a full-time job at Open Text for after I graduate. It's nice to have the prospect of looming unemployedness waiting for me at the end of winter.

This term I'm taking Chaos & Fractals, Formal Languages and Parsing, Algebraic Curves, Concurrency and Old English. I'm enjoying all of them but Concurrency, although I wish that C&F was going a bit faster. OE is different than what I was expecting - less of a language course (although there are language course aspects as well) and more of a history/literature course where we learn the language in order to understand what we're reading. This means no memorized vocab, and translating in only one direction.

CSC elections have passed and I'm now Vice President by near acclamation - the only other candidate was Kyle (nominated by myself as a joke) and he was disqualified by his being in Real Time this term. Now I'm working on arranging talks by RMS and Keith Packard. (RMS replied today and probably can't make it this year; working on arranging something for next year. Probably happier for our budget anyway.) I'm going to be here next term, so can probably help orchestrate whatever's necessary.
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For the first time in about 10 years, I had a passion fruit. It tasted just as good as I remembered. Pity the insides look like mucus.

We picked up a deep fryer last night. Tomorrow I need to pick up more Vidalia onions. I think we'll have to pick up the DDR regimen to burn off the extra calories. (But deep-fried cheese is so good...)

Went out drinking with friends from the university tonight. Met smably there. I'll have to invite him over for dinner some time. It's a shame he won't eat anything with a face, since that cuts down the menu a fair bit.
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Things that happened in the last month:

  • Got a new TV

  • Kyle got Mario Kart: Double Dash

  • m2arnold got hooked on Double Dash

  • Borrowed DDR Extreme 2. Kyle gets testy if he can't get his daily fix. I slowly improve my DDR skills

  • Hooked up Kyle's old computer to the TV. Wrote a simple web server to control what's playing on the TV remotely.

  • Kyle & m2arnold watch lots of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG1.

  • Cooked lots of food

  • Signed up for courses. Hadn't noticed earlier that Graphics requires Algorithms, so ended up signing up for FLAP instead. Chose Dutch 101 for my Non-Math Elective, but might change it since I'm not that fond of its 18:00--21:00 time slot switched it with Old English 1. Other courses are Concurrency, Chaos & Fractals, and Algebraic Curves.

  • Broke old sandals and got new ones... one month later.

  • Played too many hours of Oblivion

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Back on the 'Net

Internet got hooked up much quicker than expected (I made the phone call this morning), which led to an evening of cooking and catching up on the internet. While I had 'net access at work, reading webcomics is not a productive use of time.

The new place is pretty nice. My room is smaller that my last one, and I'm going to have to sort things out before I get around to setting up my computer in there - currently it's sitting in the common room where we've used it to watch movies, etc.

It also seems that I have too much kitchen stuff. Most of it is still sitting in boxes that are lining one of the walls of the kitchen. Kyle enjoys cooking, though, so we've been trying out different dishes, the result being that we're actually eating somewhat healthily.

My boss at work was happy to see me back again. Apparently she and my not-officially-boss-but-has-stuff-for-me-to-do-when-I'm-not-doing-stuff-for-official-boss were preparing lists of things for me to work on. Most of my week was just working on a few bugs and upgrading a module. Nothing terribly challenging, but somewhat rewarding.
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I'm still alive, or so my pulse tells me. School was hectic, but it's over for the summer now. I'm going back to work for Open Text next week, but have this week to kill.

I've got all but one of my marks (Psych101), but I know from what I had going into the final that I'm going to pass it too. No narrow passes this term, although it sometimes felt like it. Hopefully my last two terms will go as successfully.

Tonight I'm having a couple of friends (smably and math_foo) over for dinner. In addition to giving me a reason to cook (something I've been wanting to do for a while but have lacked time to do), it gives me motivation to clean the apartment before I move out this weekend. Between the boiler under my bedroom floor and the toilet flusher that sticks, the thing I think I'm going to miss most about this place is the fact that I don't have to share the bathroom.

I started working on my taxes earlier this month only to realize that I was missing a T4, because I forgot to give the company I was working for last winter a permanent address, but rather gave the address of the house I was living in at the time. I've called them, and they're sending another T4 now. I'm pretty sure that I won't owe anything, but I'd still like to get all the paperwork done before the due date at the end of the month.
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Most of the last few weeks have been taken up by schoolwork. I went to several talks - Larry Smith's talk on creating killer apps, Eric Laforest's talk on 2nd generation stack architectures, the Google presentation, and the Short Attention Span Math Seminars put on by the {Pure Math, Applied Math, Combinatorics and Optimization} Club.

Yesterday my OS group and I went out house hunting. We managed to find a nice place north of campus which was within short walking distance of the repsective workplaces of all three of us. The place seemed in good shape, with a good-sized kitchen and on-site laundry.

The rest of the evening was spent working on OS. This assignment is based around fixing and adding features to Nachos's rudimentary file system. After some initial difficulties, we got it working and managed to increase its maximum file size from 3840 bytes to something closer to 135k. (The sector size was only 128 bytes, so there's only so much bang you can get for your buck)

Just two more weeks of class and four assignments, then it's studying for exams.
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A while ago, Caelyn, Mr Belanger and I tried to think of a word to describe the state in solving an assignment question where you're pretty sure you know how to prove it, but haven't written anything up yet. The best and most accurate thing we could come up with was "deluded". Well, right now I'm deluding myself as to the completeness of half the questions on the Real2 assignment due Friday, and hopefully I'll be able to delude myself on a couple more tonight. Tomorrow I start typing up actual answers.

Although I'm a fan of the series, I seem to be utterly incapable of recognizing the major themes used in the Castlevania series. Some of them, I can't even distinguish. I have great difficulty telling apart, say, Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, the Clocktower theme and Wicked Child, even if they're played back to back.

A new power brick for my laptop arrived last Friday (the old one having died last July). There were a few issues getting wireless working again, mostly centering around difficulties contacting's repositories, me forgetting that kernel-headers is now linux-headers, and an upgrade script mothballing one of the wireless init scripts such that its replacement would (unintentionally) call it, which would then call itself, which would call itself, ...
The fan on my laptop seems rather weak, and the temperature would quickly rise from ~55C to 97C where the ACPI safeguards would kick in and the laptop would start shutting itself off.
It's all better now.
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With only one class today, and it being at 8:30, I decided to take today off. I managed to catch my landlord as he was going around putting notices on people's doors informing them of his new phone number, and managed to get him to replace my fire alarm. Hopefully now it won't be going off in the wee hours of the morning.

After that, Kyle and I wandered along to downtown Kitchener to enjoy the nice, relatively warm (3C) weather and pay our respects to the three used bookstores down there. I picked up a couple books, and Kyle went a little crazy. In addition to a book on VAX assembler ($1), he managed to pick up some books in a series he's reading, which probably saved him some money in the long run.

After I got back from that, I did some laundry, and read my Real Analysis textbook. I'm not quite sure that I understand transfinite induction. Hopefully it won't really show up again.

Reading Two-Days starts tomorrow. I suspect I'm going to spend most of it working on OS, Real2 and Groups, the latter two being due on Monday. Well, at least I don't have to worry about classes as well.
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Snow day today, which mean that the university was closed. I didn't find the weather terribly treacherous, although it might have been different had I been driving. Although it was nice to have a day off of sorts, I wish I'd known before I got up for my 8:30 class. Also, I was looking forward to today's midterm, just so that I'd have it over with. I guess now I've got time to study, but I was satisfied last night with how much I'd studied and just wanted the exam out of the way.

So instead I spent most of the morning coding up something that looks like ed in Javascript. You know, ed, the standard text editor? It was actually fairly easy, once I figured out how ranges worked.

hkarau was around, having come down to write his CS 246 midterm. Now he'll have to stay another day, so he'll probably also stay the weekend. Today he also managed to fix which, in spite of its name, is quite safe for work. We also tried to grab the Cormack talk off of the digital video camera, but it seems that in order to do that, we're going to need Firewire.

infohigh showed up in the afternoon, and there was general discussion about using machine learning to improve how people deal with file systems. funos managed to get a job at RIM today (yes, we've heard all the jokes about getting RIM jobs...). Congratulations!
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The Real2 midterm is over, and went than I was dreading. There were a couple of questions I found tricky, but it seems that I wasn't alone. Now there's just two more midterms this week: Groups tomorrow, and CS365 on Thursday. Then I have a brief chance to relax before my OS midterm next week.

On Saturday, I picked up a copy of MGS2 for $12. Today I realized that I'm looking forward more to having a chance to work on reverse engineering the Castlevania 2 password system than a chance to play the shiny new game. This probably says something, but I'm not quite sure what.

On a slightly unhappier note, my iPod seems to have gotten confused and thinks that there's always a set of headphones plugged in. In spite of this, it doesn't actually play anything on any headphones that I plug in. The iPod's only six months old, and it comes with a one year warranty, so I'll be seeing if this is covered, and if so, go about getting it repaired/replaced.