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My alarm goes off at 10. I get up groggily, preparing for a day of study before my exam at 51. I'd been at one of Holden's dinner parties until 1 the night before, so I was still a little tired.
I get onto my computer and check my email. There's a message from my mom asking me why I said the exam was at five in the email I sent her last night, when I'd previously stated it was at 9 AM.
I check the exam schedule online. Damn.

Toss on some pants and a shirt, grab an instant breakfast drink and a bottle of coke from the fridge and start running towards school. On a good day it usually takes me 25 minutes to get to class. I know that infohigh had managed to show up an hour or so late for the same class the previous summer and was still allowed to write because nobody had left yet. I hoped that everybody in my class was a slow writer, in spite of exams being half an hour shorter than they were then.

The smog, my general lack of fitness and the fact that I was running up hill slowed me down fairly quickly. I finally reached the PAC at 10:25, record time since I hadn't left the house until 10:07 or so, and dashed inside. Strange, they were playing Oh Canada. I look in through the doors and see everybody standing up. No desks. They seem to be wearing basketball jerseys. Damn. Think back. Right. RCH, not the PAC. Which room? I suddenly remember that CS246, like a couple other CS courses, has assigned seating, and I hadn't checked to see what mine was.

I quickly dash to the MC and find a computer to log into. Fire up Firefox and head to the course webpage. I find out what room I'm in, and while I'm at it, check the mark breakdown. The final exam is worth only 50% of my final mark. Good. I discover that I have to pass a weighted average of my midterm and final marks. Not so good. Fortunately, I did rather well on my midterm, but that's moot if I can't write the final.

Dash off to the room in RCH. It's on the floor closest to me, fortunately2. I sneak in and ask the proctor if I'm still allowed to write it. She hands me my exam and tells me to start writing while she checks. Several minutes later she returns and gives me a nod.

I'd like to say that I managed to finish the entire exam, but there were still a couple questions left blank at the end, and I didn't have a chance to check any of my answers. Still, I probably got enough marks to pass the course.

Now I'm going to have a shower and collapse, and enjoy the silver lining that I finished my exams 8 hours sooner than expected.

1 There are no exams starting at five on the Waterloo exam schedule. This should have been my first clue.
2 RCH has three floors, but is in the side of a hill, so each floor has doors to the outside. My exam was on the third floor, right by one of the doors.


IST's hardware repair division called back today to let me know that the problem was with the AC adapter, and that there will be no charge.


Tonight was the night of studying Stats 231. I brought food.
elliptic_curve and some of infohigh's friends (along with infohigh, who was helping us study while studying his own stats course and CS466) were there. We took over one of the big lecture halls at the front of the MC and just went over the old exams in our textbook.
Later today I'm going to have to read over chapters 17 and 18 to get an idea of what they're about, since although none of the sample exams in the book had likelihood questions, last year's final did.

To anybody who hasn't taken 231 yet, I recommend you take 241 instead, or failing that, wait until the winter when the new (more 241-like) version of 231 is out.

Later today I also get my copy of Watchmen back and do lots of study for Intro to Linguistics and some study for Geometry.
Once again, my urge to code up something on the spur of the moment is foiled by the fact that university's PeopleSoft applications, being the spawn of demonic forces, are taken offline from midnight to 7 AM in order to prevent them from summoning the dead gods of Earth.

Jul. 18th, 2005

This has been a rather quiet weekend. With the rain, there's been a strong disinsentive to go outside much. Saturday I picked up a cheap copy of Soul Calibur II, and so spent most of the rest of the day playing Weapon Master mode.

Last Thursday, infohigh and I watched Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. It was shot in Ottawa, so Biggs recognized a lot of the places. It seems he used to shop at the same clothing store as JC.

Today I picked up a multimeter to check the AC adaptor of my laptop. The power seems fine, although the voltage wobbles a tiny bit. It's probably not a big deal, but lately when I've plugged adaptor in the laptop, the 'power' light starts blinking. If I try to run it without the battery in, it might flicker to life for a second before powering down again. I think I'm going to have to look for a place to get it repaired.

Today I also picked up some Vidalia onions, and decided to try out a recipe I saw on slashdot the other day. Lacking the garlic, I invited infohigh over, since he had garlic stinking up his fridge, and I'd rather have someone to share the soup with. The soup turned out rather well, considering I probably did a few things wrong and lacked proper bread to top the soup. Of course, one of the reasons I was cooking in the first place was to learn, so I'm not too bothered by this.
Well, the good news is that I've manged to find a co-op job next term: I'll be working at Open Text as a web developer, doing all the various jobs that the regular staff are too busy to do. I know the person who currently has the job, and he seems to enjoy it. Now I just need to find a place to stay this fall when the lease for my current place runs out.

The bad news is that this afternoon I managed to kill either my laptop's AC adapter or the AC plug on the laptop itself. Now the battery's dead and I have no way of grabbing any files off of it. This is unfortunate, as I have a number of homework-related files on it. I'm going to have to either find somebody with an Thinkpad T20-compatible AC adaptor or a multimeter to see which of the two is broken.
Today's lesson: Although Octave and MatLab are very similar, when two operations that should give the same result fail to, one's time is better spent logging into a University computer with MatLab installed and trying it there, than spending an hour poking around with Octave.

Jun. 27th, 2005

Last night was Holden's dinner party. I cooked dessert (coconut truffles and a carrot cake), and prepared part of the main course (chicken paprika). Of course, without the help of Kevin and chai_latte, I would have been overwhelmed and the meal wouldn't have turned out as well as it did.
If I decide to make piña coladas again next time, I think I'm going to (a) get more mix so I don't have to give out such small portions to everyone, and (b) see if there's a way to get around blending so much ice.

Today I visited Second Look bookstore with Mary-Anne. I was aware of Casablanca and KW Bookstore, but somehow this other used bookstore had escaped my view. I picked up The Mote in God's Eye (which I may or may not already own a copy of; I have a lot of Niven that I'm meaning to get around to read), and Teach Yourself Gaelic. Tonight I read Trumps of Doom by Zelazny (well, not quite. Still have 20 pages left to go, but it's not a terribly long book.)


And midterm season continues to bear down on me, with my CS370 midterm two days ago and CS246 today. PMath360 is two weeks from now, and my second midterms in Stat231 and Engl306A are the week after that.

I bought the new Kirby game yesterday, and it's quite good. The controls take a bit to get used to, but it's fun and has some replay value in the form of time and line trials (try to beat sections of levels either as quickly or drawing as little as possible). Unfortunately, it seems that it's going to be a rather short game. I'm in the 2nd last world and it says I've only been playing for a bit over 4 hours, which includes the time that Cale spent this afternoon. Of course I haven't gotten all the secrets, but if you're looking for a long game for a trip, this probably isn't it. That said, it is quite fun and enjoyable, and makes good use of the touch screen - the only button that you use is Start, and that's just to pause the game.

This weekend I'm heading down to London. My uncle from Australia is visiting, and this will be my only chance to see him before he leaves.

Yesterday the weather was coldish and damp. Compared to the recent trend of hot and humid, however, it was very pleasant.
Today was nicer still.

I had a meeting with the Associate Dean this morning about a mistake I made about not handing my work report in on time. However, he's said I can hand it in in January and not receive any penalty. Hurrah!


I dusted off Summoner: Goddess Reborn again and started playing it. Managed to clear the Tome and beat the Sand guardian in the Labyrinth and would have beaten the 3rd level Blood Guardian if the game hadn't locked up on me... again.

Right now my situation is somewhat interesting. I'm in an Arena survival match, and two of my three characters (Maia and Taurgis) are dead. The third, however, doesn't seem to want to die. Iari has twice the HP of the other two, an insanely high defense and regeneration. I'm on wave 110 and the enemies can't do enough damage to her fast enough to actually wear her down. Because it's an Arena match, I can't unequip her equipment and the only way out is for everyone to die. I'd just quit or reload the game, but she's gained a level and I don't want to lose that. At least I should get plenty of money when she finally does croak...

Edit: Finally died at wave 175, after helping out the enemy by casting spells that cost me HP.


Or was that just that it shouldn't be done?



Thin skinnedThick skinned
Red, green or yellowOrange
Not segmentedSegmented
Contains cyanideDoesn't contain cyanide
Provides 24 hours of protection against doctorsNo known doctor-repelling properties
No colours named after itColour named after it
Dark seedsWhite seeds
Has juice in my fridgeNo juice in my fridge

Contributions are, of course, quite welcome.

May. 10th, 2005

Right. Modem arrived this afternoon, so I'm back on the Internet again. Spent most of tonight getting up to date on webcomics and LJ. Now to see if I lose all my good habits from no-internet time like going to bed early and getting to class on time. On the other hand, access to online documentation will be quite handy.

Nothing else to mention other than the fact that I now have a top hat.


Still no Internet yet, but I should be getting it tomorrow or Tuesday. Classes
are interesting (some more interesting than others), and mostly I've just been
relaxing in this calm before the homework really starts to pile up again.

Last night I had Mike, David, Ali and Holden over for dinner. It went fairly
well, and for much of the rest of the evening we played on the Genesis I
picked up off eBay last term.

Now I'm going to have to start thinking about what to do next week.

Still haven't seen the H2G2 movie.
This morning I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten to turn on my alarm to wake me at six for work. Fortunately, I did realize... two hours before the alarm was supposed to go off.

My weekend was moderately uneventful. On Saturday I visited the ROM, to find that with the exception of the main exhibit (the connection between dinosaurs and birds), there was less to see than the last time I was there, about five years ago, due to the massive renovations they were performing.

I also spent time working on some animated povray renderings of the Lorenz attractor. The result is this (26MB or so). In the (n-129)th frame1, n points of the attractor are drawn, the camera is in the n+1st position, pointing at the n+2nd. The sky angle's also perpendicular to the plane formed by the nth, n+1st and n+2nd points. The result isn't quite a roller coaster effect, but can be similar. (In other words, if watching that sort of thing makes you feel sick, don't watch it.) The video has 6871 frames and is 4:34 long.

1Because the first 129 frames are boring.

Something I found in the subway

I noticed a card lying on the ground at Yonge station. The appled K caught my eye, so I picked it up, read the back and kept it.
For all you Discordians out thereCollapse )

Given the code snippet char foo = '3';, how do you pronounce foo's data type?

Char [chär]
Car [kär]
Chair [châr]
Care [kâr]
Character [kăr'ək-tər]
Other (specify in comment)
For those who use the thing (and those who don't but think it could be interesting), I've updated RandomKeen, the Keenspace randomizer, AKA the wheel-o-eyeforks. Click on the link (and then click on one of the links behind the link) and get redirected to a random Keenspace comic! The number of strips it knows about has increased almost 100% and it's now possible to limit the randomness by how many days of updates the strip has. The breakdown is:
5007 strips total (up from 2580) with at least one update
3668 with five or more updates
1330 with fifty or more
754 with one hundred or more
431 with no updates

Pi day update

Happy Pi Day! Of course, Pi Day will be this much more impressive in ten years from now when the date's 3/14/15. Then we can all eat pie at 9:26:53.

Life has been moderately uneventful. Since I last posted, I've become interested in (however briefly) Lambda calculus and its lambda-less variants, the Axiom of Choice, Gödel's various theorems and linguistics. On that note, I've out what courses I want to take next term (barring them filling up before my enrollment appointment on the 22nd)

Schedule behind cutCollapse )

And now an illustration as to why one should invoke nothing bigger than one's headCollapse )
I decided to try my hand at writing an esoteric programming language, so last night came up with Scuttle. It's got aspects of both Befunge and Brainfuck, with the ability to also modify itself during execution by means of removing instructions and shuffling blocks of code around. The code for the interpreter is really ugly, though, and does many things in a non-optimal manner (mostly with respect to rafts).
I have five boxes of Girl Guide cookies. Mmmm...

Feb. 23rd, 2005

What a lovely situation. The 2.6.10 kernel doesn't seem to work with anything other than the 66.29 nvidia driver, and the 66.29 driver doesn't seem to work with my video card (TNT2).
Damn you, little-endianness!
This morning I woke up with a cold and a sore throat. Then on the way to work I found a glove that I'd lost last week. I can just keep my fingers crossed about the sunglasses I lost two weeks ago mysteriously turning up ;)

Pointless post

This Call of Cthulhu trailer rocks the mauve onion.

In other news, my feet are still tanned from wearing sandals last summer.
Today I forgot my keys and wallet at home. Hurray for emergency Pocky rations. On a tangentially related note, it seems that in Europe, Pocky is marketed as 'Mikado'. Personally, that name just makes me think of pert, glee-filled school-girls, wandering minstrels, and Lord High Executioners on death row.

I finally got around to picking up a DVD-RW for my computer. Burning data DVDs in Linux was easy to figure out, but I'm still working on the whole video DVD thing. I spent most of last night trying to get transcode to compile. Most of my problems were stemming from the fact that my libavcodec was too old. And... I just finished burning my first video DVD, a copy of The Dark Side of OZ.

I've been playing Zelda: The Minish Cap for the GBA lately. In my opinion, Capcom did a much better game here than they did for the two 'Oracle' games they did for the GBC. The graphics and engine are all new, and it was interesting to see their take on various traditional enemies, although for many of those, they took their appearance from Wind Waker. The Kinstone system is also fun. You very rarely if ever get stuck in the story for lack of the correct Kinstone piece, and the 'changing world' aspect is also quite nice. The figurine collection doesn't really add much to the game. There's only one way to get them and that way is tedious. My only other complaints are that the game is too easy/short, and that I wish Capcom would make up their own characters instead of just recycling the carpenters and Dampé.
Work is going well. The other day, in celebration of National Popcorn Day, somebody handed every group of desks a big bag of popcorn.
Zope has an unfortunately steep learning curve, but I think I'm starting to get a hang of it. I pity my successor, though.

I need to stay away from Sam the Record Man. Their prices are by no means cheap, but they have so much stuff that I search for in almost every music store and never find.

Being in the international commodity trading business, a lot of my coworkers are polyglots. Sometimes it seems that everyone but me speaks Spanish, so I visited a used bookstore in search of books to learn more of the language. The store had only "Learn Spanish in 10 Minutes Per Day" type books, so I ended up just getting a book on Dutch grammar, four Hellboy volumes (2-5) and a Hellblazer (vol. 7).
The first day of work went rather well, although I still find the thought of 20000 pounds of frozen pig hearts somewhat disturbing.
During my lunch break I visited Indigo, where I was mistaken for an employee multiple times because of my blue shirt and tie.

I dropped by the Worlds Biggest Bookstore, but managed to resist the urge to buy anything.

Jan. 2nd, 2005

Moved into my new apartment in Toronto today. All of the students here are from Waterloo, and by a great coincidence, I went to highschool with one of them. Neither of us had known the other was attending UW.

We chatted for a while and then he showed me around the area a bit. Tomorrow I get up earlier than I'd like in order to get to work on time. I'll have to look into getting a converter for my GameCube, as the TV has only RF inputs. I'll also have to visit The World Biggest Bookstore, and the many used bookstores here in Toronto.
Happy new year, everyone.

Yesterday I managed to find a subletter for my apartment, which greatly reduces the amount of total rent I'll be paying these next four months. Hurrah for decreased expenses! I'm going to have to cancel my phone and Internet now as my replacement didn't want either.

Earlier this week I did a bit of extra work for my old employer. Searching through a bin in case I had an old time sheet in there, I came across a four month old paycheck with my name on it. It's always a pleasant surprise to find that you have substantially more money than previously realized.

I finally got up the nerve to check my marks for last term. Only three of them are in, but I managed to pass all of them, which includes Rings, which I was a little worried about (having failed the midterm and all). I have no doubt that the marks were belled, but I'm still satisfied with the mark that I got.

Tomorrow I head up to Toronto, where I'll be staying for the next four months. Work begins on Monday. The dress code is somewhat more stricter than anywhere I've had to work before (ties required in case I meet an ambassador or some other VIP), so this last week was also spent upgrading my wardrobe.

random_dragon gave me Mario Sunshine for Christmas, so time was also spent playing that, as well as watching Futurama (was given the DVDs for the first three seasons).

Today I'm mostly packing for tomorrow, and tidying and sorting the things I'm leaving behind. My new home is (fortunately) fully furnished, which means that I can travel somewhat more lightly, which is a relief.

Dec. 20th, 2004

So I decided that my screen was dusty and so wiped it off. Snap crackle pop went the static electricity. Wuhwuhwuhwuhwuhwuhwuh went the music as it started looping and mouse not responding. Oh dear, went Mark before he rebooted the computer.

Whirr whirr beep. Lilo pops up. Hit enter to boot Linux, watch as the kernel loads and... and... nothing. Nothing happens. It just sits there. Maybe something's still a little screwy, I thought to myself as I powered down and back up again. Again, the kernel loads and then stops. Next I try LinuxOLD. No better.

I try booting Windows now. It shows the boot screen and loads for a while before briefly bluescreening and restarting. I try Linux a couple more times and then Windows again. This time it boots. I'd forgotten that sometimes Windows needs a couple goes if I've been running Linux.

"I just need to download a boot CD so I can diagnose the problem," I thought to myself. Then I realized that I'd sent my blank CDs home yesterday. I rummaged around the CD-Rs sitting on top of my case, and by some miracle, one of them was still blank. I downloaded CDLinux (chosen for its size more than anything else), tried getting cdrecord to work, gave up, downloaded Nero, burned the ISO and rebooted.

Turns out that my initrd.img was missing. I quickly restore it, eject the CD, reboot and Linux loads fine.

The moral of the story: Screens like to be dusty.
I managed to find a place to stay in Toronto today. Now just to sublet my current place out.

Tomorrow I call employer, show potential subletter around the place, and return my CSC key. Any spare time goes to Christmas shopping and packing.
Somebody was going to come by this evening sometime between 5 and 6 to see about subletting my apartment next term. Naturally they didn't show up. At least there's somebody else coming by to have look tomorrow.
If I can find a place to stay in Toronto before Monday afternoon, I'll be employed next term.
Two exams down and three more to go. I've got a slight breather before and after the next one, giving me both time to study for it and Real Analysis.

The lack of a curved text tool in The GIMP is very annoying.

Today I played around a bit with mutually attractive particles. Points are coloured according to their Z value. I was originally going to have the value or saturation value according to velocity, but it didn't look as good. Particles start at rest at random locations. Also, the particles bounce off the walls. Apart from that, there are no outside forces acting on the particles.
If there is someone on your friends list who you would either like to tie down and force-feed pudding to, making them watch Adult Swim mercilessly and making them beg for release once Sealab 2021 is over, or have them go buy, say, a really nice piece of cheese for you, post this exact same sentence in your journal.

Nov. 9th, 2004

  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 23.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal...
  5. ...along with these instructions.

I had largely given over my inquiries into what Professor Angell called the "Cthulhu Cult," and was visiting a learned friend of Paterson, New Jersey; the curator of a local museum and a mineralogist of note.

I have it on the good opinion of the person who was my copy of the Illuminatus! Trilogy that the fifth sentence of the twenty-third page of that book is "Goodbye." The same page/sentence in the Schrödinger's Cat trilogy reads "A man with both a Ph.D. and a D.D. was obviously worth attention, even if most of what he said was totally incomprehensible to them." Remember: Don't see the fnords.

Studying for my PMath 345 midterm

Well, it's over. Now to finish Francis's journal, write a script to post it in real time, and start learning how to draw.

When I came back from over the weekend, I discovered that my freezer door had been left slightly ajar since Friday.

There's a certain delightful irony in helping the person who introduced you to Linux get around in Mandrake.

Cthulhu meets the NASCAR 500. Full game rules download available.
For the last week or two, the music playback on my PDA has been spotty. It would play only the left or right channel, or it would the music would be muted or not playing at all. At first I thought it was the headphones, since I've had wires fray before causing similar symptoms. The headphones seemed fine, though, leading me to believe that it was the fault of the headphone jack itself, and that some wires had gotten loose inside.

Today I tried playing music on it using the integrated speaker. It gave me the same results as when using headphones, leading me to believe that there's probably something fairly wrong inside. Fortunately it's under warranty, so I can probably get it repaired/replaced. I'll have to look into that.

In other news, in no particular order, I hate work reports, but at least it's finished. Signing authority for the bank account has been switched over to jep and I, and I've started doing the books in gnucash. Open balls should bounce. Entirely by coincidence, my last few entries have all been spaced 8 days apart, making a nice diagonal line in the calendar. I need to start freeing up disc space.

I need to start doing more work on Arkham and finishing Francis's journal. First I need to write tomorrow's TCoW though.
Python doesn't like it when you try to calculate 2^(2^10000), but to be honest, I can't blame it.

Sep. 28th, 2004

On Saturday I picked up all 8 books of Books of Magic, used. Tonight I finished the last one. I enjoyed the series, but found the ending quite lacking. I realize that they're restarting the series, but it seems like they were expecting to keep on going, but never did.

Right now it seems that my feet are caught between a rock and a hard place. Either I wear my shoes, which seem to cause the tops of my feet to hurt, or I wear my sandals, which have no arch support, leading to pain everywhere else. Which probably explains why I'm feeling soreish today.

I have a Real Analysis 1 assignment due, a Data Structures assignment due, and a Stats quiz all on Wednesday. I'm near the end of the Real Analysis assignment, but have barely looked at the CS one, and I returned the Stats course notes to Biggs last week.
Worst part is, I can't stay up until all hours of the morning finishing the assignments because of the quiz.


I came home this evening and found a note in my mailbox saying that they'd tried delivering the modem, but that I was out, but I could pick it up at the nearest post office.

Fortunately, the nearest post office is a 7-11, 5 minutes walk away, and they were still open.

Setting up PPPOE in Linux is a bit of a pain, but not nearly as bad as the last time I tried, two years ago.

In short, I'm back online again. :)
I'm sure it's no suprise to everybody who didn't see me online over the weekend, I still don't have internet access at home (as of 10:45 AM, at least).

I accidentally forgot that work reports don't have to be nominally completed until tomorrow, so I managed to beat the rush to the MUO (now situated on the more fashionable fourth 4th floor).
I also failed to realize that I had a PMath345 assignment due today.

I'm about halfway through Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver. It's an interesting book, even if it does seem to be going nowhere quickly. I'd like to know just how much of the history presented in the story is real, and how much was invented by Neal.

I'm CSC treasurer again, and picked up my key today. Now I need to start working on a budget for Friday.
I am poorer now.

Picked up new cell phone. My number won't be changing, though.

I should hopefully have internet by Friday. If not then, maybe by next Monday or Tuesday.

It also seems that I forgot my mouse & keyboard so I had to replace them in order to boot my PC.

And I forgot my microwave. I'm not going to bother replacing it. It's not that urgent.

I have tea.

Without internet access, my Samson like strength withers away. I went to bed at 8:40 last night and slept almost 12 hours.

I wandered around for several hours this morning, waiting until noon for all the stores to open.

The bulk store (think Costco or Sam's Club, but with no membership) is 10 minutes away from me. Nice and convenient.

I'll stop blathering now and just post.

All is well.
Well, I'm not in Waterloo because I've decided to hang on the extra week to teach my replacement the ropes, and maybe get work done on my work report. The extra money doesn't hurt either.

Speaking of work report, I've got over 800 words done, yet am near the start of the second section of five. Seeing as I'm not supposed to exceed 2000 words, I suspect I'll have to deverbosify.
Naturally, I'm using sfllaw's LaTeX work report document class to handle all the formatting details, although I'm uncertain as to what I'm going to do about what could well turn out to be hundreds of pages of charts, tables and graphs. Cut it down to the most relevant points, obviously, but I suspect I'll still end up with lots of data.

Possibly against my better judgement, I picked up Tales of Symphonia and another GameCube controller a couple of weeks ago. Work report aside, I think I'm going to have to stop playing the game for a while as whenever I play, my wrists end up uncomfortable for the next few days. Which is a pity, since it's quite a fun game.

I need to work a bit more on TCoW - I have it written up to the end of the month, but I'm not quite sure what to do next. Then there's all the little TCoW related things like Francis's journal and Arkham.

I should probably get back to writing my work report now, and thinking of new and interesting ways to analyze and present data.

The last 3 weeks.

So, since my last journal entry, I've:
  • Found a place to live next term. Hurray for not having to live in the SLC or infohighBiggs</lj>'s closet!

  • Started my work report. Introduction's done, but that's about it.

  • Had my 21st birthday. Biggs came down to visit. Games of Clue can run a long time when you use untested home rules.

  • Tonight I finally saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They skipped so much stuff that you really had to have read the book to get much out of it.

  • Um, that's about it.

My sister picked up a used PS2 copy of Escape from Monkey Island. I already have it for the PC, but we never got around to finishing it. At least the control system in EfMI works better with the PS2 controller than, say, a point and click one would.

I want to do more writing, more reading and more programming. Of course, I should probably try to finish my work report first.

But for now, I'm off to bed. Goodnight!

Jul. 20th, 2004

Well, I'm back.

Montreal was pleasant (except for the weather, which could have been a bit better), and it was nice to visit Ottawa again. We saw lots of interesting places and I managed to meet up with a friend from high school I hadn't seen since graduation.

I would have liked to have seen a few more of the historical sites around Montreal, and there were definitely things in Ottawa I'd have liked to have seen if we had more time.

We took a plethora of pictures, but an incidence with corrupt data means that I'm going to give a try at extracting deleted files from the dd'ed image of CF disk.

The only thing that could have made the trip more enjoyable would have been if I had actually brought some shoes with me, so I wouldn't have had to walk everywhere (and there was much walking) in sandals.

Now that I'm back, though, I'm going to have to start looking for a place to live next fall and figure out what I'm going to do for my work report. At least it was nice to have a break from everything.